The ECOMECA crusher will make your business more efficient

The ECOMECA crusher has been designed to handle any problem that might arise on a demolition site: you want to get rid of demolition waste, but transporting it away is expensive and laborious. With the ECOMECA crusher, you can efficiently crush construction waste such as asphalt, tiles, and concrete, already at the construction site. Crushed demolition waste can be used as a filler material for the earthworks on the construction site.

The ECOMECA bucket crusher is the solution for your waste crushing needs.

A sturdy and durable crusher

During the device’s design process, special attention was paid to its durability, easy maintenance, and long service life. ECOMECA bucket crushers are available in three different sizes, for excavators weighing 23 – 45 tonnes. The device can be installed on an excavator either as a plug or a hoe model.

With the ECOMECA bucket crusher, you can crush concrete, tile and other mineral waste, even if the waste contains reinforced steel, timber, or other demolition waste. The crusher has a pre-screening feature, which separates the fine material from the coarser material to be crushed. This fastens the treatment of the material to be crushed, which will automatically fasten the entire crushing process, and make the entire process more efficient.

How does the ECOMECA crusher work?

The crusher is powered by two hydraulic engines, which rotate the screening and crushing drum. The crushing capacity is maximised by the positioning of the blades, and the flywheels. The blades situated on the crushing drums have been positioned so that all the power produced by the engines and the flywheels is channelled through one blade at a time.

The crusher has a hydraulic valve, which limits the amount of hydraulic oil litres coming from the excavator, and the pressure. This ensures that the device and the engines are operating efficiently. The flywheels have been attached to the crushing drum with overload clutches, which protect the crusher from becoming damaged, for example in a situation when a claw from the excavator or another piece of reinforced steel gets stuck in the device.

The greatest benefits of the ECOMECA bucket crusher:

  • Short payback period
  • With the ECOMECA crusher, you can get filler material for your demolition site
  • You do not need to buy or transport crushed material from elsewhere
  • Your logistic problems will be reduced
  • The crushed waste can be reused, for example as the base for roads or fields
  • Crushed demolition waste that contains crushed concrete has up to double the load-carrying capacity of crushed rocks
  • The ECOMECA crusher performs 50 – 150 mm crushing, so you do not need to pay extra fees to waste treatment centres for handling oversized crushed material