ECOMECA bucket crusher – efficient solution for crushing construction waste.

Great capacity with a small investment: up to 270 tonnes per hour.

The ECOMECA bucket crusher is the solution for crushing construction/demolition waste. The ECOMECA crusher brings efficiency to the demolition site and for destroying construction waste. You no longer have to transport waste to a separate location to be crushed. Crushed construction waste can also be used as a filler at the construction site.

Get Ecomeca’s greatest innovation, the ECOMECA bucket crusher for your construction site today!

How do I benefit from a ECOMECA crusher?

  1. One excavator, one driver is enough for any crushing work
  2. No separate delivery is necessary, as the ECOMECA crusher is transported with the excavator
  3. There is no need to transport construction waste away from the area
  4. There is no need to pay expensive admittance fees in waste disposal centres
  5. There is no need to buy crushed filler material from elsewhere
  6. Demolition work is faster – this enables you to accept more demolition work